Client Updates

The one thing your Client values most is being kept up-to-date on the activity of its cases! The Baja Tracking has been created with your Clients in mind. We have included a special tool called a Reminder, which you will see at the bottom of the Tracking screen. If you wish to use this great tool, click on the number of days between each update to your client, click the reset button and the next update date will appear and a check will appear in the reminder box. We'll go over the use of this data later!

Before we begin with update notes to your Client/Collector, let us tell you some of the options you have. The Tracking Templates can be altered, deleted or added with your own verbiage by clicking on File, System Setup and opening the Tracking Template Tab. The Tracking Code itself can also be altered to meet your needs by Clicking on File, System Setup and opening the Codes Tab. To make changes, use the drop down for category and choose Tracking Code. This will open up a box containing each Code. Click on the line you wish to change and it will appear in the description box (Desc.). Type in your change and click update. If you wish to delete a line, click on that line and click the delete button. We attempt to make Baja a flexible tool that you can "tweak" to meet your specific company needs.

In order to send your Client/Collector an update you will click on the Add button to the right of the screen which will open a box for notes you want to include in your update. The date will default to current date. The drop down includes notes we have set up in the Tracking Template of your System Set-up window. The Tracking Template allows you to add your own notes in addition to what automatically appears. You can either print your update as a fax or e-mail it to your Collector. Click add. Your notes will appear in the tracking window. It will be noted who entered the notes based on who logged onto Baja during this session.