Now, let's take a look at the Reminder Tool. When you enter your first Tracking note (client update) for a Case, we suggest that you enter the number of days between each update required by your Client in the field at the bottom of the tracking screen. Once you click on the Reset button to the left of that field a check mark will appear in the Reminder box. You have now set this case to appear on the Reminder list.

The next step is to click on the white circle icon at the top of your Baja screen that looks (vaguely) like a clock. This is your Reminder button. This will open a large window called Reminders. Using the dropdown for the Agent field choose the agent whose cases you wish to update. You must then choose the date you want to check. Click the Search button and the cases requiring updates from that agent will appear.

One by one, you simply double-click on each case, enter and add your tracking and reset the date for the next update to the Client/Collector. After you complete the entry, click Update as always and then close that case. You will then find yourself back at the Reminder liist. If you click the Search button after each case, the cases will drop off the list as you coomplete your updates.

If you wish to use this great tool, enter the number of days between updates required by your client, click the reseet button and the next update date willl appear and the reminder box will be checked.

NOTE: You may also enter the number of days on the general tab of the Client Folder and it will automatically be entered for each new case you create.