Easy Steps to Networking

The first step to networking Baja Recovery Software is to Download and install Baja on each computer in your network. After installing on each computer run the program just far enough to login as a new user. This verifies that each individual installation is good before we add the complexities of the network. Additionally, when the program is first run on each computer several important configuration entries are made on the computer.

HOST Computer
To share files on your network one computer must be designated as the HOST Computer and changed to allow the other to access the Baja files.

On the HOST computer go to My Computer, open the C: local drive and locate the folder BajaData. Right click on the BajaData folder, click on Properties and choose the Sharing Tab. To activate the sharing of your Baja Database you need to click on the box next to Share this folder on the network and in the Share name field, if it does not automatically appear, enter BajaData. The final step is to click on the box to Allow network users to change my files. Click Apply and Ok.

Remote Computers
The configuration of the Baja Recovery Software must be changed to locate and use the files on the HOST computer

ODBC Data Sources:
On each remote computer running Windows XP, click on Start and Control Panel. Double-click Administrative Tools and then Data Sources (ODBC). This will open the ODBC Data Source Administrator. Click one time on Baja and click the Configure button. This will open the ODBC Microsoft Access Setup. Click the Select button. This will open the Select Database Window Click the Network button and you will see the following: Choose a drive letter (we recommend S) and click Browse You will want to navigate to the work group, find your server or host computer and click on that to open to the list of drives. Choose the Share directory where BajaData is located. Click ok. Be sure that the Reconnect at login box is checked and click on OK You will then come back to the Select Database screen. You have just mapped a drive. It will show the drive as the letter you chose, but will have the information for the drive housing Baja on the server or host computer. If you are going to network additional computers, we recommend that you use the same letter for each remote computer. Click ok on each screen on your way out. You should now be able to log into Baja and see the Master Database located on the Server or Host computer. It's important to remember, the Server or Host computer must be turned on first each day.

Baja Settings:
On each remote computer running Windows XP, click on Start and Control Panel. Once you have accomplished the above steps you will need to go into each remote computer to make the following changes: Click on File, System Setup. Change the Document Path address to: S:\doc Change the DataBase Path address to: S:\BajaDB.mdb