Customer Letters

The following email was received by our office.

Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2008
Subject: Simply Thanks

I have been thinking about this for sometime so I wouldn’t get too long winded, THANK YOU for your product. As we grow the daily reminders of how important organization is become more apparent. These daily tasks can be the death of any company until they start using Baja Recovery Software. Being totally new to the industry Baja gave me more tools to service and manage the never ending paperwork with ease, it just works and that is more than most can say about anything these days. After the close of the last year I ran several financial reports to find a lot of great news. This news is things like the fact we are very close to our five year goal of $250,000 gross income per year and only three years into this industry. Another aspect that I found was that my business is very well balanced meaning that no one client is so big that I would go under if they stopped using our services. My point is that your software has afforded me the luxury to analyze my business with minimal effort and basic education. Rarely do people find the caliber of professionalism with the balance of “real life” that Baja Recovery Software as a business and Bob and Jane as people possess. I have always believed that good things come to good people, I do not know what things I did to reap the lasting benefits of my business relationship with Baja but when I take stock in what has lead me where I am Baja is at the top of my list as the best decision I have made in the treacherous business world of repossession services.

Thank you,
Ed Port
A Fast Recovery LLC