Now that the assigned task is completed, it's time to bill for the services rendered your Client. The first step is to close the case, or perhaps you wish to use different terminology, i.e. storage, transport, etc. You must enter the Date Closed and Closing Activity to proceed with Invoicing. These fields are very important as they will assist in generating very useful reports as you monitor your business. Ok, let's continue!

Click on the View Charges window of the Case in question. When the Invoice window opens you will see New in the box next to Invoice Number. This means that these are new charges you are about to enter. You can click the drop down box just to verify that there are no fees associated with this case up to now. Because you have entered your rates for each Client, click on the drop down below the Action column to choose the first line of the invoice (i.e. Involuntary Repossession). The rest of the line should be filled in for you. Be sure to check the date, if it is incorrect, use the drop down calendar to make any changes necessary. Once you have entered all of the lines to this invoice, you may want to add some special notes, which can be done at the bottom of the screen. After completing your fees for this case you can click on the Approve, Save and Invoice button. A new invoice box will appear. Is the amount correct? Have you billed the correct Client? If not, click on close and go back into the Case and make the necessary corrections. If yes, click ok. The report window will open with the Invoice for review. Click on the Print button and you have a new invoice! Let the money start rolling in! Some Clients will even accept the Invoice as a fax, cutting down on postage!

Here's another hint. If you wish to re-print an invoice, that can be done through the Document Tab of the Case folder or within the Invoice Tab of the Client folder.

Removing an Invoice
Let's say that you have entered the incorrect charges for a particular case. The first thing you want to do is click on Tools and Remove Invoice. Enter the invoice number you wish to remove and click ok. It is very important to realize that the charges are still in the case under View Charges, approved and ready to be re-generated. Therefore you must go to the Case in question to change the fees that have been entered, simply click on the field that you wish to change, put the correct information in and proceed as normal.

Have you entered the fees to the incorrect Client? Let's go and remove the invoice as described above. Go to the Case, click on View Charges and now we must delete the lines containing data. In order to do this, click the drop down below the Action column (of each line with charges) and go to the last item (delete line). Now we must click on the v to change the line to unapproved. When you have completed deleting each line you must click the SAVE button. You must now change to the correct Client from the drop down on the General Tab of the case. Once you have assigned this case to the correct Client the charges must be re-entered.

The Invoice Tab of the Client Folder offers the ability to adjust an invoice. By clicking on an Invoice you wish to adjust, the View and Adjustment buttons become active. When you click the Adjustment button a window opens allowing you to adjust that one invoice. Let's say you give your Client a % off if they pay you within a specified amount of time, or that you simply agree to write-off an amount they did not approve. This entails you choosing Credit Adjustment from the Action drop down, choose the correct date if not current, tab over to the Description field and enter the reason for the Credit Adjustment and finally tab over to the Amount field and enter the amount to be written off with a minus (-) sign. Click on Save and note the change on the Invoice list. If you are writing off the balance of the Invoice, it will drop from the Open Invoice screen.

To increase a charge, choose a Debit Adjustment from the Action drop down, enter the reason for the added fee and enter the amount. Click on Save and note the change on the Invoice list.

If you wish to view all Invoices for this Client, Open and Closed, click on the v in the Open Invoices Only box at the bottom of the screen and they all appear.

At the end of each week, we would like to suggest that you run a helpful report. Click Reports, Financial and Unbilled Charge Report. This will alert you to any fees that have been entered but are either waiting to be approved or are approved and waiting to be generated. In the Repossession Industry, the phone is constantly ringing and some of you have visitors coming and going, which can prevent you from completing some of your tasks.