We at Baja have created many forms to assist you in presenting a professional look, monitoring your billing, receivables and many other aspects of your company. Many of our forms have been created based on the needs of our current customers. Never hesitate contacting us with your needs or ideas, as we are here to serve you! As we see it, Your Success is Our Success!

Repo Order

Baja currently offers two Repo Order formats. We suggest that you view each, which can be changed by clicking on File, System Setup and Options and decide which one best suits your needs. There are also options as to just how much information you wish to expose to your agents. The second format will allow you to save the Repo Order as a document and attach it to an e-mail.

Condition Report

A Condition Report for cars and pickup trucks is available within the Vehicle Tab of the Case Folder. Click on the Condition Report button and it will open for you. We have some customers that will print up a blank Condition Report and include it with the Repo Order for their Agent to complete after recovering the collateral. If your Agent has legible handwriting, you can fax it directly to the Client or you can re-enter the information within the Condition Report and print it fresh and neat!
On the Repo Tab of the Case Folder is the Repo Location field. This is the information that will appear in the Repo at: field next to the debtor name.
By clicking on Tools and Company Forms, a window will open displaying a list of additional forms for your use. Please note that these forms have been created in Microsoft Word and therefore Microsoft Word will be required for their use. As you will see there are other Condition Reports within the Company Forms. We currently have included a Boat, RV and Travel Trailer, with work being done on a motorcycle which we hope to release soon!

Company Forms

    Below is a list of Forms currently available with in the Company Forms:
  • Release Authorization
  • Release to Transport
  • Release to Debtor
  • Personal Effects Notice
  • Personal Effects List
  • Client Update
  • Fax Cover Sheet
  • Boat Condition Report
  • RV/Motor Home Condition Report
  • Travel Trailer Condition Report
  • Voluntary Release Form
  • Police Report, CA
  • Police Report
  • Notice of Seizure, CA
  • Notice of Seizure
  • Release to Auction

We suggest that you choose a case number, go into Tools and Company forms and double click on one of the forms. This will open the form in Microsoft Word. At the top, within the tool bar you will see a "button" Get Case. Click that button and a small box will open. Type in the case number and click OK. The form will pull the information within that case and place it into the document. You may want to do this with each form, print it and place in a file or book to refer to when you wish to know which form best suits your needs. This would also be helpful should you need to train someone new in your office.
If you wish to save a particular document, you need to click the Save Case "button". This will save that document within the Document Tab of the case you have chosen.
With Baja Recovery Software, if you have a personalized form that you wish created specifically for your company, we charge $75.00 per form. If you have a form that you and the Baja partners agree could benefit all of the customers and you wish to share it, we would be happy to incorporate it within Baja at no cost to you. The majority of our forms were created to meet the needs of our customers, at their suggestion!