Baja Forms Pack


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Baja Forms Pack will reload and refresh the standard documents included with the company forms. The refresh will include recent changes and all new documents which have been added to the product.

System Requirements
This product is only supported on computers currently licensed to run Baja Recovery Software.
Do NOT install on Windows 98 computers.

Installation Instructions
1) Backup your database before installing this or any other release. If you are in Baja Recovery Software, simply click on File and Backup Database. When the Backup is completed close Baja.

2) Download and Save the Baja Forms Pack, bajadoc.msi, on the Desktop of any one computer running Baja Recovery Software. Even if you are networked, you need only do this one time!

3) Open BajaDoc.msi by double-clicking the icon on your desktop and click Run to install the program.

4) When the installation is complete open bajadoc.exe using the start menu. Start -->All Programs --> Baja Software --> BajaDoc

5) Click OK to Replace or Add the forms into your Baja Document Path. This program will automatically enter the Document Path from your File, System Setup window in Baja Recovery Software. You will know the procedure is completed when you see Database Connection Closed. (run only once).