Standard Edition

Baja Standard Edition provides the ability to increase the organization and efficiency of your backoffice.

Case Management:
Baja maintains the information that you need in easy to use folders for each client, case and agent. Each folder can contain as much, or as little information as you need to get the job done.

Invoice cases individually or in multiples. Approved rates are maintained for each client to insure correct billing. Maintain your accounts receivable with client transaction history, aged receivable reports and client statements. Optional interface files are supported for those using Quickbooks.

Condition Reports:
Baja has an integrated, detailed automobile condition report included with each case folder. Additionally, several condition reports for speciality items are provided in Company Forms for items such as RV's, boats and travel trailers.

Forms, Forms, Forms:
Baja has a section called Company Forms which contains general business forms for the repossession office such as debtor release, personal effects inventory and release, fax covers and more. You may also customize existing forms or add any of your own forms but they must be created in Microsoft Word.

Client Updates:
Keep your clients informed at every step of the process. The tracking section of each case folder allows you to keep detailed notes about each case. Each note is associated with a specific Case Action, defined by you, which brings up a form letter describing the action performed. Baja comes with an initial set of case actions and forms (called Tracking Templates) for each step from receiving the assignment through transporting the vehicle. These can be altered to meet YOUR needs, but it is best to do so prior to getting started.