Baja IS your Back Office

Baja is a self contained back office software application specifically for the auto repossession and collateral recovery professional.

Baja is UNLIKE other 'web based' recovery software on the market. With Baja, all of your sensitive business resides on your back office computers, under YOUR control and not on the internet!

So many clients today require you to use the software system of their choice, such as, Live Repo, Prios, Bridge Link, Score Net, RePros, RDN and many others. When you have additional clients which require different systems, which system do you use?

Our Baja customers access the web based products as LIMITED users and rely on Baja to keep the back office up and running.

Do you pay full price for each online system per month or become limited users; saving hundreds of dollars every month, knowing the private and personal information entrusted to you from your clients is safe and secure with Baja under YOUR control!

Baja Recovery Software is very simple to use, color coordinated and designed for even the most inexperienced computer user; at the same time being very powerful and high tech. Your data is stored on your computer, not on some sever located out of state or even the country.

With Baja Recovery Software, your company information rests securely on your computers and who accesses that information is under your control.

Unlike the other "Web Based" recovery software available these days, on which sensitive data, such as your customer information, rates, billing, invoices, account and social security numbers are stored on servers across the nation; they say it is secure; but is it really? A 2005 study found that more data is compromised by insiders than by external threats. Do they, the web based products, protect your data from themselves? Wouldn't you feel more comfortable if it never left YOUR control?

Optional Features:
Baja offers an Extended Edition that includes 12 programmable "Skip Tracing" buttons that will automatically copy and paste selected information into your recorded skip tracing web sites. With one click of the button, you receive your results! Example: You can program a skip button to copy the VIN and place it into "CarMax". Your results arrive in the built in Web Browser in Baja! No copy and paste, no layers of windows open! Fast, Easy and Simple to program! If you are currently registered with pay sites, those too can be recorded into one of the 12 buttons.


Release 4.6.0 is now ready for installation.